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Mary Angelico 

~ born February 18, 1957, has been drawing and painting almost as far back as she can remember. Developing her talent through a variety of private instruction and local community college courses, she still considers herself primarily self-taught. At age 13 she displayed a talent for portraiture and experienced her first exposure to oil painting, which continues to be her first and best loved medium of choice. At 17, she was chosen to compete as a Sterling Scholar in Art, representing her high school in a state-wide competition, eventually winning first place and receiving a college scholarship. She majored in Art from 1975-1976.

Drawing from a variety of artistic styles and influences, Mary has been most strongly attracted to the work of John Singer Sargent and inspired by the Pre-Raphaelite vision and dedication to noble ideals. Once described as an 'Illuminist Visionary', Mary acknowledges that she now considers Art to be a part of her spiritual practice, a sacred medium of Spirit.

"Since Spirit has become my teacher," she says, "my Art has taken a surprising turn. I find that by getting my little self out of the way and becoming the instrument, there seems to be no end to the synchronicity, the resources and flow in creative expressions that uplift, inspire and satisfy my soul. This, I hope, is my gift to you.


Mary Angelico
From the teaching of Annam (Elle Collier Re)

Time to Bloom!

Saleena Ki and Mary Angelico 
are sharing many new things coming from the Divine Feminine

My Prayer as the storms approach‏

Oh Holy Ones of Heaven & Earth,
As the winds blow and storms approach, may we be lifted into the circle of ONE.  May the shaking and the cleansing be understood within the consciousness field of all your precious children on Earth.  May the Angels descend and Lightworkers unite.  May we be the shield of protection, the cloak of compassion, the petitioners for the highest and holiest outcome for all.  May humility and willingness and forgiveness and cooperation and faith prevail.   May the winds blow away only that which is no longer needed.  May the rains wash out only delusion and conflict.  May any who cross in acts of sacrifice or surrender be welcomed to a higher dimension of joy and delight.  May any and all left to sort or rebuild, be infused with faith, hope and a sense of creative renewal.  May the holiness of life prevail, heart to heart, hand in hand, as neighbors link, as strangers reveal their true faces to one another, as love begins to spark a new way on the face of our ailing Mother Earth.  May Shiva clear only that which is ready for passage, and may any birthing pain bring forth only the the Holy Child within us.  May a new morning come upon all, though shaken from any travail of the night.  May we wake to the first new light, ready to receive understanding, sustaining and strength to carry on in the electric freshness of a brand new day.  Holy Ones protect, sustain, bless, lift, inspire, guide and infuse all who are ready.   Help any who feel lost in the dream, to awaken and find they have been shaken into their right and perfect place.  May Divine order prevail.  Help us stand firm, to realize and merge into the truth of all that is eternal, immutable and unchanging.  May our counsciousness rise and unite as ONE.  Though the winds may blow and the storms may rage, help us know that we are safe in the eternal circle, in the arms of Divine LOVE forever and ever.  
Mary Angelico